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Miniature Flower and Floral Arrangements
Made exclusively for your interior or exterior dollhouse or miniature use by Marie Petrik.

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​Welcome To Marie’s Mini Shoppe 
If you need miniature flowers, floral arrangements, plants, fruits, vegetable or foods for your Dollhouse, Room Box, Vignette or any other project that you are working on then you’ve come to the right place.  I carry a large  variety of these items at 
Marie’s Mini Shoppe. I also offer gorgeous twig furniture ( settees, table/chairs, beds, benches, etc. ) and some one of a kind items. Choose from a large variety of  dollhouse flowers and other items that are all available for purchase online.

                                                           Any of our products would be a perfect addition to the inside or outside of your dollhouse. Personalize and beautify your dollhouse. You become the interior decorator, gardener or landscaper.

                                                           The flowers and plants are hand made by me from paper and silks with some natural materials which are used to give the plants their life like appearance. Foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. are made with
Fimo. All products are true to scale (1 inch to 1 foot ) and made with an artist love.

For more information, or to order our beautiful dollhouse miniature flowers, click on STORE.
We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our prodocts. Simply Email us at

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miniature twig furniture
For the collector that needs something special or unusual I do custom floral arrangements, flowers and landscaping. The twig furniture, fruits, vegetables, and  foods can also be made to your specifications. Just email me at ( ) so we can set an appointment to discuss your requirements and plan out your order.

Miniature Flowers

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